Dig Deep Dev Retrospective

This past March, I helped host and participated in a 2 week Game Jam: The Classic Collards Jam.

My team built an isometric digging game in Pico-8 called Dig Deep.

I had an absurd amount of fun and felt like I grew a lot as a hobbyist game dev from the experience.

I really wanted to write some sort of cool, formal "dev retrospective" thing where I gave a well-structured breakdown of everything I learned and experienced during the jam. Ya know, really sit down and reflect on everything with an intention of taking all those lessons and using them to build something even cooler next time!

...But, I've been slow to write it so my memory is getting hazy and my motivation has plummeted.

Shame shame shame on me.

In an attempt to half-assedly salvage this, I'm instead going to jot down a simple, contextless bulleted list of takeaways that are still semi-fresh in my memory. Without further ado, here we goooooooo...

...and I think that's about all I've got.

One cool consequence of working in Pico-8 was that I had to make frequent use of its gif capture tool to share progress with my team as I was working on new features. Almost by accident, I ended up capturing effectively the entire development history of the project in gifs. Here they are! I think it looks pretty cool.

isometric map prototype first timer prototype animating a sample character moving around on a grid advancing across the grid to find goals animating a player character on the grid locking the player's movement to the grid grid collision with free player movement our first real iso maps tweaking iso maps scrolling camera hint arrows dig animation death prompt bombs game over text crawl final demo post-game-jam adding an item sensor